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Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon

Cast & Credits

Primary Cast & Executive Producers:
Nathan Followill, Caleb Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill
Stephen C. Mitchell
Casey McGrath
Paul Greenhouse
Associate Producer:
Christopher "Nacho" Followill
Joshua Levine


"This energetic behind-the-scenes documentary provides some fascinating insight for fans and non-fans alike. Known now as an all-American rock-and-roll band with millions of fans around the world, Kings of Leon remind us that they will never forget their strict Pentecostal upbringing or rough-and-tumble backcountry roots. In fact, that may just be what makesthem unstoppable."
Source: Tribeca Film Festival 2011 

Premiere: 21 Apr 11 @ The Tribeca Film Festival, NYC

Premiere, Tribeca Film Festival, NYC (21 Apr 11)

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Premiere, Edinburgh Film Festival, Scotland (25 Jun 11)

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