PersonalFest, Argentina | YouTube Livestream

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Looks like PersonalFest will be livestreamed on YouTube this weekend.

(not sure if it will work every country)

Kings of Leon to join Music City Walk of Fame

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Middle Tennessee fans can celebrate a crowning achievement for Kings of Leon on September 21, when the Nashville rock band will be inducted into the Music City Walk of Fame.


KOL will receive the 61st star in the pavement of Walk of Fame Park in downtown Nashville, joining the likes of Hank Williams, Dolly Parton and Jimi Hendrix. The Music City Walk of Fame was established in 2005 by Music City, Inc. - the charitable foundation of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau - to honor influential musical figures with a strong connection to Nashville.


In a release, Nashville CVB president and CEO Butch Spyridon said the band was an ideal fit for the Walk of Fame.


“Kings of Leon was created and discovered in Nashville, and the band still proudly calls the city home," he said. "They are a perfect example of what this project is all about - local musicians who transcend genre to produce great music loved by all.”


The induction ceremony is free and open to public, and takes place at 1 p.m. on Friday, September 21 at Walk of Fame Park (Demonbreun, between 4th and 5th Ave S.).

VOTE for Kings of Leon | Sexiest Men of 2012 by

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The voting page can be found on here

See Caleb and Jared in the nominations Gallery here

King of Beards!

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Caleb in RollingStone’s Top 10 “Best Beards in Rock”


:~}} <— that is a beard BTW!

Kings of Leon Fan Awards on Tumblr

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I've just won 3 Tumblr Awards!  These were voted for by the Kings of Leon fanbase on Tumblr ...

    "Know-it-all" award was shared with kolluvah.tumblr



This means a lot as I started CloserToKOL on Tumblr :*)


Special thanks to Ophélie / kolwards for compiling the votes! x

Full List of Winners

Vote for Caleb!

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Rolling Stone Magazine are asking: "Which Singer Has the Most Unique Voice?"

More info and how to VOTE FOR CALEB HERE!

Caleb is on the Forbes List | 30 Under 30: Music

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Full Article on Forbes and Caleb's entry in the list.

Congratuations to Caleb!

Article about Matthew Fly Fishing in Cape Town

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Read the article here

Nathan's Favourite NYC Restaurants

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Read about them here

Kings of Leon Working on New Material

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“‘I can tell you that we already jam on new stuff, there are a couple of songs we always play at soundcheck and that is always a sign for me that we are not going to let those songs go.”Matthew (Oct 11)

Read more

IMPORTANT MESSAGE via Talihina Sky's Facebook

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"Just had the final word & sadly Talihina Sky will not be playing in Northern Ireland Cinemas on June 25th.

We’re working on getting Talihina Sky to all the KOL fans there, so please be patient - we’ll update you as soon as we have more info. If you’d like it in your local cinema, request it and hopefully the cinema will opt to show the movie."

Caleb and Nathan | Vue Cinemas Twitter Interview

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@vuecinemas conducted a Twitter interview with Caleb and Nathan today, I have transcribed it below.

~ With KOL now, Caleb and Nathan are taking their seats and we're ready to roll...

First things first guys, do you prefer sweet or salty popcorn?

Caleb: I am both. I like to do Sweet and Salt popcorn

Nathan: When I am at home, I put chocolate all over mine

~ We've just handed the boys a box of Vue Popcorn (sweet and salty)

Caleb: This is real good (whilst tucking into Vue popcorn)

First question.Why did you decide to make the Talahina Sky (their documentary film) and Why?

Caleb: Hey, can we eat here! (chuckle from everyone in the room)

Caleb: We didn't know we were making it. We have just always been excited to be in the band and we documented every milestone.

Nathan: Like home movies.

Nathan: When we did not the last record but one b4 that we would give a lil teaser for the record, like us in the studio,  We'd film us messing around, getting drunk, having fun and we finished and a friend said u should keep it going.

Caleb: And so by the time we did see the footage we were like oh my god - didnt wanna see it as it was pretty raw footage with intense moments between us but also beautiful moments. With every fight, there's also awesome things that happen.  We watched it and as embarrassing as it is, if I were watching a band's documentary, I wouldnt just wanna see the good things, I would want to see the fighting and the vulnerable side and there's a whole lot of that in our documentary film.  We did think, hold on wait - is my grandma gonna see this?!?!

Nathan: And she has. She likes it. Although we gave her an edited version of course! Yeah an edited version on DVD with like little cartoons, like, dee de dee de!

Would you ever consider doing the theme tune for the new James Bond film?

Nathan: Hmm Daniel Craig has asked me before. I have turned him down 3 times already but maybe...

Caleb: I've always wanted to work with strings though so maybe yeah, that'll be a good excuse.

Which actor would you want to play you in a film?

Caleb: Obviously Brad PItt - hello!

Nathan: Rick Moranis - little geeky glasses, charming you know

If you could star in any film (apart from your own) which one would it be and why?

Caleb: Gonna go with an easy one. Nathan; I think you'd wanna be the money out of pippi longstocking!  Monkey out of Pippi Longstocking rather!

Caleb: I love Sling Blade, it's one of my favourite movies. I think I am going with Brad Pitt though, he's a great actor, so Legends of the Falls.

Nathan: The dude from Big Lebowski

Caleb: ahhh come on!

Nathan: That's great,

Caleb: That's a good one

Running out of time, finally @keogirl: if you had to do 9-5 jobs what would they be?

Nathan: I oddly enough, my first job when I was at high school, I worked in a movie store! So I'd sit there and all day long, I would pick out movies n watch them, it's how my day would pass!

Caleb: I did manly jobs before the band. I would love to be in the kitchen, I'd like to be a chef!

Thanks for your time guys. Hope everything goes well with Talahina Sky and future tours!

Caleb and Nathan: Thank ya'll for having us!

EW Asks Caleb: What's the song you all sing together just before going on stage every night?

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"It's a gospel song called ''Just A Little Talk With Jesus.'' [Sings] ''Now let us have a little talk with Jesus/Let us tell him all about our troubles/He will hear our faintest cry/He will answer by and by/Now when you feel a little prayer wheel turning/And you know a little fire is burning/You will find a little talk with Jesus makes it right.'' ~ Caleb

Source: Entertainment Weekly Article: Son of a Preacher Man - Kings of Leon Lead Singer Caleb Followill is a Rock and Roll Bad Boy with an Altar Boy's Heart (12 Apr 2007)

This is probably the song that the band are singing at the start of the Talihina Sky Trailer.

The Romany Rye Consider working with Matthew

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For more on this story, please see Nashville Scene's article here.

Interview with Caleb & Jared | The Sun (21 Oct 10)

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Caleb and Jared with The Sun's Showbiz Editor, Gordon Smart

Read the Interview here

USA Today | Interview with Caleb

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Interview with Caleb incl.  a video interview filmed in NYC earlier this month.  

Read & watch the interviews here

New Interview with Jared & Matt filmed Today

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Interview with Zane Lowe about Come Around Sundown (filmed 20 Aug 10) ~ watch it here

New Interviews

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Nathan ~ Talking about Jessie, Food, Wine & Music in the lead up to the Outside Lands Festival

Nathan ~ Talking about Eddie Vedder & Outside Lands 

Jared ~ Taking about the last year, his relationship with the others & Built to Spill.

Nathan talking about "Pigeon-Gate"

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