PersonalFest, Argentina | YouTube Livestream

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Looks like PersonalFest will be livestreamed on YouTube this weekend.

(not sure if it will work every country)

UK Dates Announced for 2013

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Tickets go on-sale 10am on Friday 9th November and are available from, or

NOTE:  For O2 customers, pre-sale starts 07 Nov 12 at 9am (for the O2 Arena Shows)

Confirmed European Shows for 2013

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Shows seem to be getting confirmed ever other day!

Keep up-to-date HERE

Livestream for Sao Paulo, Brazil Show

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There will be a Livestream of the Sao Paulo Show on 20 Oct for Latin America, The USA and Spain. It will be available from this website.

Kings of Leon are due to play around 9pm local time.  You can find the current time in Sao Paulo by looking at the bottom right on this page.


Kings of Leon back on Stage in San Francisco

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Kings of Leon returned to the stage for the first time in almost a year last night to perform at the Oracle Open World Event at Treasure Island, San Francisco.

They were supporting Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder joined them onstage for "The Bucket", (watch the video) which was a surprise, as he normally sings "Slow Night So Long" with them!  Another highlight was "Arizona" in the setlist.

Click HERE to see some photos from the concert.

Kings of Leon to Headline Planeta Terra Festival in Brazil in October

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Looks like the band's "only show of the year" will take place at the Planeta Terra Festival in f Sao Paulo, Brazil on 20 Oct 2012..

The show has not been confirmed by the band themselves, but every Brazillian news agency and the festival's website have confirmed that they will headling the show.

More Info

*** UPDATED 28 Jun 12 ***

Now confirmed on the band's official website.  Tickets go on sale 03 July 12.

SPECIAL FEATURE: We Called It #KOL-MADNESS-2011 ~ Written by Daniela (aka Makemyday1980)

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One can say about the evil Internet what they want, BUT … by chatting via Twitter, Facebook & forums like or Happy Alone, I became online friends with KOL fans from all over the world. What had started out as a crazy idea early 2011 soon transformed into a well planned, artful concert travel master plan of which I attended 11 concerts of Kings Of Leon’s 2011 European & Canada Tour aka #KOL-MADNESS-2011.

I ended up meeting & traveling with friends from USA, CANADA, ENGLAND (some of them originally from NEW ZEALAND), DENMARK, SWITZERLAND, SWEDEN, ITALY, FINLAND, FRANCE, NETHERLANDS, SCOTLAND, GERMANY & I am from AUSTRIA. The biggest meet-up was at Hyde Park when some of the US girls joined us Europeans for the Hyde Park & Manchester shows.

After countless hours of organising, ticket purchasing via international conference calls, hotel booking, traveling, chatting, nerve-racking quequing, rocking out, fighting for survival at barrier, NOT-peeing, sweating, partying, sightseeing, arguing, getting lost & I dont know how many rain & beer showers (at least I hope it was beer), runs for barrier, take-off & landings, as well as loads of new cities & places, I can say it was totally worth it. Thanks to all my friends & of course Caleb, Matthew, Jared, Nathan & Chris for the amazing times!

Here are some of my memories of #KOL-MADNESS-2011.

Click on the links to see videos & pictures!

@PictureCredit: mostly HEIDI KNIGHT & NICOLE HAUSER



Best & longest setlist of theirs that I have seen so far (29 songs including old songs like Spiral Staircase, Happy Alone and McFearless). Absolute highlight was Caleb’s totally unexpected solo performance of The Runner in honor of their late uncle Cleo while pictures of him were shown on the big screens. I remember 80,000 people spontaneously singing  to music of Queen, U2 & Oasis inbetween bands. One of the security guys went all big smiles & prayerful when he heard the 1st cords of Cold Desert *they DO have a heart after all*. The lead singer of Elbow made 80,000 people scream “Fuck Off Rain” into the sky!

Watch a Best-of-Video (over 1 hour) that covers the whole show and Have a Listen (footage & audio assembled by me).

PERSONAL NOTE: The support bands who were watching from stage surely found us people amusing as we were sliding down the steep slopes of that hill to get to the PIT. Only the Irish … we snatched barrier spots from some guys who have been lining up since 7 am cause they went to get beer first! Duhhh … guys! I fell asleep for a second at barrier during Elbow … hey its been a looooong day & a lot of bands! xo

COVENTRY - England, UK

Newly married Caleb was often fiddling with his wedding ring when speaking *so cute*. I also remember him busting some serious moves to Mary & Crawl that day. At the end of the show Jared jumped down from the stage to High-Five the crowd! (a first as far as I know, luckily someone recorded it, I was at the wrong side of the stage though, he did it again in Manchester & Edinburgh).

PERSONAL NOTE: That day I caught my first Caleb plectrum *squeal*. We got totally drenched from lining up in the rain. So we took turns & went to a nearby mall to dry our stuff & heads under the hand dryers in the toilet … not very classy hehe. When doors opened we nearly lost our barrier spots cause we took a wrong turn storming in … well, lesson learned: its not always the best to be first :D.

O2 LONDON - England, UK

Remember the O2 (well tour buses really) being on fire in December 2010 and the KOL show being cancelled? This was the make-up gig & it was totally worth it! The guys interacted more than usual with the crowd and again hit us with a long, awesome setlist. Caleb tried to convince us that everything happens for a reason and that he was better looking now anyway!  During the show - literally while still playing - Nathan threw his drumsticks at us but I was too surprised to catch them & security gave them to someone else - BUMMER!


PERSONAL NOTE: I think I remember - please don’t quote me on that 'cause its been a year but my notes do say “Chris-Nacho-Shot” *grin* - that after having a shot on stage Chris threw his shot glass at Nacho & Nacho did a perfect imitation of a barrier fangirl catching Caleb’s cup (EXCITEMENT!). Well it wasn’t the 1st or last time people - usually the roadies - were making fun of us clingy barrier girls so I remember finding whatever went down exactly hilarious.


We had loads of fun with security that day as we recognised some lads from V Festival 2010. Did you know that the average KOL crowd is between 18-30 years old, 65% male / 35% female & on top a heavy drinking crowd? KOL took the stage 45 minutes too late as they were held up by traffic and airport security. Caleb kept checking his watch because of the strict venue curfew. Determined to give us a full show they "kept on fucking pumping" and did the whole set - including encore - in one go. Security literally had to drag Caleb from stage in order to avoid being fined for breaking the curfew - it was too funny! That day Nate’s drum tech also went to the disabled plattform to hand out some drumsticks which I thought was really cool!


PERSONAL NOTE: Caleb tried several times to throw us some plectrums and wasn’t too impressed with our catching skills LOL (funny enough someone caught it on video). Heidi was seriously hit by a full bottle of rasberry juice … god that looked as it would have hurt! This time I was spared my obligatory beer shower but I got literally jumped by a crowdsurfer - aaauutschh! There were only little girls standing behind me so I guess he/she literally tried to jump the gap. And all that during support bands! Wild day!


Or should I say Boobchester? Oh man - as Nate requested - there was so much flashing going on it was insane. One girl got on a guy’s sholders & stayed naked. Under protest by the cheering crowd and the band she was later removed by security LOL. Believe me we ended up watching some smiley, happy Followills on stage! The atmosphere was awesome that day & at the end Jared jumped down from stage again and High-Fived us at barrier (this time I was at the right side of the stage - see Coventry).

Zane Lowe suprised us with a DJ set before KOL came on. I give it to him he got the crowd going (kinda embarassing for a rock concert crowd actually LOL) but we weren’t sad when the KOL roadies made him finish his set early 'cause they couldn’t set up the stage properly haha. I mean man … telling a 20.000 something crowd continuously to “Push Forward!” might get people at barrier really crushed duuhh!


PERSONAL NOTE: Nate threw us some drumsticks & I caught one. I stuck it into my bra to keep it safe (it was sticking out a bit). Suddenly someone from a few rows back launched himself at me (so I was told) & grabbed the stick. Before I realized what had happened the guy was already making his way to the back. Baha … who can say she got a drumstick stolen from her bra - ME!

2x HYDE PARK, LONDON - England, UK

I am not afraid to share my, probably unpopular, opinion with you - the Hyde Park shows weren’t my favourite shows of this summer. These 2 big London shows gave me the feeling that a lot of people only were there cause it was COOL to be there. Of course the V.I.P sightings were plenty & the performance was excellent but the atmosphere didn’t live up to my expectations. KOL dedicating McFearless to their deceased friend Ryan Dunn that was pretty special though.

What I remember is the nightout with my girls before the gig. We took over a London cocktail bar starting with requesting Pyro and scaring the shit out of the other guests by singing on the top of our lungs … but believe me at the end of the night we had everyone dancing & singing to KOL … *SUCCESS*. I remember the fun times during queing… and then there was … THE TOMATO ATTACK! During Paul Weller one of my friends got hit by the biggest tomato I have ever seen … BOOOM right to the neck … we where in shock … but that was only short-lived … I had the biggest laughing fit ever I was actually crying … I am still apologizing to my friend everytime I see her for that insensitivity :D.

EDINBURGH - Scotland, UK

It was Nathan’s 32nd birthday & Caleb dedicated “Birthday” to him. Before they began playing the crowd started singing Happy Birthday. Sadly U can’t hear the crowd that well on the video but Nate was smiling from ear to ear. Jared was like “YES!!!” haha. I have to agree with Nathan: the Scots were one of the best crowds I have seen so far. When they finished playing “Milk” the audience kept clapping so the guys joined in again. They had such a good time on stage, that they spontaneously added Be Somebody to the setlist. They even surprised us with the mysterious & yet unreleased Devil Song / Lucifer (alt vid) which they have only played a few times the past years. During Back Down South, Jimmy De Martini from Zac Brown Band joined them on stage with his violin. This was the last time Jared went down to high-five the crowd … guess he hot a little scared...hehe!


Watch this best-of-video and listen to a bunch of songs from that day here (audio assembled by me).

PERSONAL NOTE: The night before the concert I was able to attend the TALIHINA SKY PREMIER at the Edinburgh Film festival - with live Q&A afterwards *eeekkkk*. We scored a spot at the "red carpet" (well a sorry excuse for a red carpet it was actually hehe) and got to shake hands with most of the Followills, which was definetely a personal highlight of #KOLMadness2011! We were so starstruck that we totally forgot to ask for pictures and get autographs. The Q&A afterwards was ... well ... eventful & funny ... see for yourself HERE!

ROSKILDE - Denmark

What comes to my mind when I think of Roskilde? 1. Never seen more naked men … AND women in my life (Danes have no shame :D)! 2. Never been so drunk on only 1 Mojito … I blame it on the almost unbearable heat. 3. Never let go of your gig buddy when running for barrier or you will end up on different ends. Would I try for barrier again at Roskilde? Hell no … the stage is super high … too high *sigh*. But - oh my - the Danes can party!


The sometimes lacking crowd singalong (language barrier?) was outweighted by endless cheering, dancing, clapping and shouting. Inbetween songs the crowd randomly started chanting the chorus of Use Somebody & Caleb stepped to the edge of the stage - pulled a perfect rock god pose & soaked it all in. Use Somebody was clearly the crowd favorite - can you see what the roadies were cracking up about sidestage? *Beep* giant *Beep* inflatable *Beep* Wilie - I saw that *thing* close-up LOL. Despite the heat the guys put on an amazing show and gave everything … surely not only cause it was the last show of the EU tour but cause the Danish crowd was fab.


PERSONAL NOTE: Especially Caleb took his time leaving … walking to each side of the stage and giving away a whole stage of towels (which he NEVER does - despite his hanky :D). Watch the end of the show here and find out who the Boxing Champion of the family is and who dared to flash his belly! For the impatient amongst U … click here and here!


My Swiss travel buddy Nicole & I spontaneously decided to fly to Canada as we felt somehow that there was “unfinished business” between KOL & us after the US tour cancellation (we were supposed to go to 5 of these gigs). It cracks me up everytime when I have to explain to airport customs that - YES - I really have travelled this far to “just” see a rock concert (different people, different priorities I guess). Its getting harder & harder to convince them that I am no smuggler, drug dealer or illegal immigrant *phewww*.

The stage in Montreal was really low & close. Coming from EU shows with 80.000 people I considered the 8.000 people gig as RATHER INTIMATE :D. I was happy to see Slow Night So Long, Arizona, Milk and Pistol Of Fire back on the setlist. It was a good show but I had the feeling the guys & the crowd didn’t really “click” that night.


PERSONAL NOTE: Matthew recognised us from the EU shows & threw us plectrums until we both got one. I have to give a shoutout to the young girl standing behind me who caught Matt’s plec when it bounced off my shoulder & who gave it back to me. I was really surprised by that gesture! After the encore Matthew even pointed us out to Nathan & Caleb so we ended up going home with a Matt plectrum & a Nathan drumstick each as well as with Caleb’s hanky.

OTTAWA - Canada

That was one of the most stessful quequings EVER! There simply werent ANY people at Gate 3 till 4:30 pm!!! Nicole & I were stressed to the max thinking we are in the wrong spot … crazy Canadians LOL! From the moment the guys hit the stage one could tell that tonight would be different & special. The crowd rocked from the start & the atmosphere was ON FIRE (bahaha sorry I couldn’t help it). As for being Kings of Leon’s LAST SHOW OF THE CANADIAN TOUR it was defo a good farewell the Canadians gave them!


PERSONAL NOTE: I was impressed by the numberous CROWD SURFERS who were fearless & made security sweat. I honestly have never seen so many crowd surfers at a KOL gig! During the end we were surprised to even see the guitarrist & drummer of The Sheepdogs (support band) joining the other crowd surfers (lost bet? LOL).


Here is a shoutout to my 34 girls (oh and 3 boys :D): Lyanne, Michelle, Helen, Sam, Pip, Heidi, Nicole, Tara, Kelly, Monica, Alicia S, Alicia K, Jessica, Claire, Sarah, Debs, Sums, Kristen, Annie, Jane, Lisa, Pilar, Emi, Kerry, Carrie, Nik, Lisa, Yetta, Marina, Katharina, Kitty, Alfie, Marielle, Anita & last but not least Simon, Stefan, Israel. I have met so many more though … be assured … you are remembered too!


by makemyday1980


You've read Daniela's memories from KOL's 2011 tour, now let's hear about your's!

Did you see the band in 2011 when they played in the in the USA, Ireland, UK, Canada, South Africa or Australia?

If you did, share YOUR memories in the comments below!

Kings of Leon will be announcing a one-off 2012 show soon!

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No news yet of where or when...

Online Interview with Nathan

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Nathan was interviewed by The Daily Telegraph, Australia this week - some of the subjects covered were his shoulder surgery, the Dallas incident, the rumours since and writing new material.

Read the full interview here.

Press Conference | Cape Town, SA (25 Oct 11)

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Timings for both South African Shows this week

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Wednesday 26th October 2011, Cape Town Stadium

17h00 Doors

18h30 – 19h00 Shadowclub

19h15 – 19h45 The Black Hotels

20h00 – 20h30 Die Heuwels Fantasties

21.00 Kings of Leon

Saturday 29th October, FNB Stadium

17h00 Doors

18h30 – 19h00 The Black Hotels

19.15 – 19h45 Shadowclub

20h00 – 20h30 Die Heuwels Fantasties

21.00 Kings of Leon


Public Transport Info for Brisbane Show on 08 Nov 11

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More info here

Audio Interview | South African Radio Show "KFM Breakfast" (Oct 11)

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Click below to listen to the interview

Matt Followill on KFM Breakfast 

IMPORTANT INFO for Australian Tickets

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If you have purchased your Australian Tour ticket from "Ticketfinders" please read this

This also applies if you have purchased Foo Fighters tickets for Australia.

Kings of Leon Working on New Material

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“‘I can tell you that we already jam on new stuff, there are a couple of songs we always play at soundcheck and that is always a sign for me that we are not going to let those songs go.”Matthew (Oct 11)

Read more

New Stage Entrance Song

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I've posted about this many times, but still get asked about it, so once again, the new stage entrance song is:

"The Electrician" by The Walker Brothers

It was first used in Vancouver on 28 Sep 11.

The Winner of the Free Montreal Tickets is...

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Thanks again to Sharlotte for the tkts & to everyone who entered the competition.

2 FREE Tickets Up For Grabs at Bell Centre (Montreal, QC) on 14 Oct 11

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These FREE tickets are courtesy of Sharlotte Williams, who won them in a competition but can't use them and would love for them to go to deserving fans!

If you could geniuenly use these tickets, please email me at: and tell me why you deserve them!!!

I will pass on all the replies to Sharlotte and she can decide who to give them to.



New Audio Interview with Nathan

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Nathan talks about being back on stage, the Dallas show, Australian Tour etc in this new audio interview which was recorded in Saskatoon, Canada on 04 Oct 11.  Listen