It's GRAMMY Night Tonight!

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Photo from the GRAMMYS in 2010.

We would all love to see Kings of Leon pick up some more GRAMMYS tonight!

Kings of Leon have been nominated in the following categories: 

  • Best Rock Album - "Come Around Sundown"
  • Best Long Form Music Video - "Talihina Sky" (the film)



E! are doing the Red Carpet Coverage from 11pm GMT tonight

The Grammys will be shown in the UK on Tues, 12:30am GMT on Channel 4. More info


Red carpet coverage at 5pm/5c on E! And Grammys start at 8pm/7c on CBS.

If you live outside the UK or US, please check your local listing, thanks.

Australian Release Date for the Talihina Sky DVD

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Australian Release Date for the Talihina Sky DVD is 11 November 2011

Thanks to @leahoz for the info.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE | Talihina Sky DVD Extra - Soundcheck ft. unreleased song

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Footage supplied to CloserToKOL by Revolver UK (Paramount Pictures).

The start of the video was filmed at the O2 Arena, London on 11 Dec 08 and features an unreleased/untitled song.


DVD Released from Oct 31st UK and Nov 1st Europe/US/CA etc. Pre-Order now from Amazon (links on the right side-bar), iTunes, etc!


Check Back Tomorrow Morning at 8am GMT for a WORLD EXCLUSIVE!

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On Tuesday, October 25th at 8am GMT, I will be posting a NEVER BEFORE SEEN Talihina Sky DVD Extra, which features the Kings of Leon rehearsing at the O2 Arena in London playing an URELEASED/ UNTITLED song!

Limited Edition UK DVD Release with Family Tree

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Pre- Order from the Amazon link in the side-bar on the right side of this page!  >>>

List of DVD Extras (as well as the family tree)

Talihina Sky to Premiere at the Brisbane Intl. Film Festival

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Talihina Sky to Premiere at the Brisbane Intl. Film Festival on 06 Nov 11.

More Info

Festival do Rio 2011, 06-18 October 2011 (Rio International Film Festival) will be showing Talihina Sky

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More information here

Please check locally for additional information.

CloserToKOL Exclusive | List of DVD Extras for Talihina Sky (UK)

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Hollie Richmond from RovolverUK (the film's UK Distributor) has been in touch with me today to provide a list of the Extras for the DVD release in the UK.  These are as follows...

Deleted Scenes


Home Movies 

  • Nacho
  • Betty Ann
  • Roofball
  • Family Campfire
  • Manhattan 


  • Jared, Matthew and Casey McGrath.  Or,
  • Nathan, Caleb and Stephen C.Mitchell

NOTE: There will be English "Hard of Hearing" Subtitles, but no other languages.

The DVD will be released in the UK on 31 Oct 11.  More Info

The US/Canada release dated is 01 Nov 11.  More Info.

The info above is for the UK release, but I'm guessing the extras will be the same or similar for all countries.

Talihina Sky Showing at the Singapore International Film Festival

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The Singapore International Film festival will be showing Talihina Sky on 17th Sept.

More Info here

US Release Date Confirmed for Talihina Sky DVD

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The DVD and Blu-Ray with be released on November 1st. Available courtesy of RCA Records, both configurations will include 45 minutes of bonus footage, two commentaries from the band and filmmakers as well as home-movie footage. The film will also be available digitally via iTunes.

You can pre-order from Amazon

Video Interview with Stephen C. Mitchell

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30+ minute Interview with Stephen C. Mitchell about the making of Talihina Sky.

Watch it here

EXCLUSIVE! Q and A with Revolver UK about the DVD Release of Talihina Sky

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I've been contacted today by Hollie Richmond who is the Product Manager for Talihina Sky at Revolver Entertainment Ltd about the release of Talihina Sky on DVD in the UK & ROI.

She has kindly answered the most common questions I have been asked over the last few months and will provide more information to me over the coming weeks in the lead-up to the release of the DVD in October.

My Questions and Hollie's Answers :

CTK:  I believe the DVD Release date in the UK to be 31 Oct 11.

HR:  31 Oct is correct, yes


CTK:  When using the term “UK”, will this include Northern Ireland?

HR:  Indeed it will


CTK:  Will it also be released in Republic of Ireland on 31 Oct 11?

HR:  Yep, across the likes of HMV, Tower records etc.


CTK:  Where can you purchase it from?

HR:  All the usual outlets, HMV, Amazon,, the hut, ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsburys…  They can pre-order from Amazon or  It'll also be on iTunes for Download and rental, Filmflex, blinkbox, Sky, Lovefilm…


CTK:  With it being a UK release, can people in other countries purchase the DVD from the UK?

HR:  I believe Amazon will ship worldwide, yes. *


CTK:  Will the BluRay version be available to purchase from 31 Oct?

HR:  Indeed it will, from Amazon  And other reputable outlets, of course…


CTK:  What extras will be on the DVD / BluRay?

HR:  I'm just awaiting confirmation – I'll forward to you as soon as I get a list…


CTK:  Will there be sub-titles for the likes of Cleo?!! (this may have been answered by T’Sky Twitter last night!)

HR:  Again, I'll check it out with the filmmakers and let you know


CTK:  Will the film be shown on TV – like on Sky Box Office?

HR:  Yup, it'll be on Sky pay per view.

*  CTK Note:  American DVD players, for example, are Region 1. UK DVD's are region 2. So a multi-region player would be required. The BluRay will be region-free, so will play anywhere.

Hollie was unable to answer my questions about the release of the DVD in other countries as she works for the UK distribution company.


Revolver UK have also supplied CloserToKOL the following Advertisement Video for the DVD release.

Have You Seen Talihina Sky?

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If you have and want to share your thoughts on the film, you can do it HERE


Update for Talihina Sky DVD Release in the USA

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Talihina Sky on Showtime

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Talihina Sky Trailers

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Eight Talihina Sky Trailers have been released to date, see them all here!

Talihina Sky Available to Pre-Order in the UK

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The DVD is due for release in the UK on 31 Oct 2011.

You can pre-order at

UPDATE:  Talihina Sky Twitter & Jared have tweeted to say it will be released in US "in the Fall" & Canada "very soon"


My Review of Talihina Sky

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...where they came from...

After seeing the film twice now, I realised on second viewing that there were so many little things I missed when I seen it for the first time at the Premiere at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh.

I won't go into a scene-by-scene description of the film, as many of my favourite scenes have already been detailed perfectly by people who seen it at the Tribeca Film Festival. Instead, I would rather discuss the sequences i loved.

In particular, when they took one song, Molly's Chambers, and played it with clips from throughout the band’s career. This was also done with the Song/Chant/Huddle that the band do before every gig.

The sequences of the guys recording Aha Shake Heartbreak and Only By The Night are really fantastic, but it would have been more of a "complete picture" if there were also clips of the process for Youth and Young Manhood and Because Of The Times. (The band have stated that the YAYM footage was stolen from a rented car). As far as I could tell, the most up to date footage in the film was from Nathan & Jessie's wedding in November 2009. Hopefully they continued filming into the following year to cover the recording of Come Around Sundown for future release… maybe?

The band's family are the real stars of the film, they come across as genuine, down to earth people and just about every scene they are in is either hilarious or poignant, especially those that feature Ivan, BettyAnn and Uncle Cleo. The film covers a lot of the Followill/Brown annual reunions in Oklahoma and highlights the family’s ever-present competitiveness during the games played there!


A really great part in the film is when the entire family go to see the band at the huge Ford Center in Oklahoma City in Oct 2009. I particularly loved the slow-mo footage of their Granny & Grandpa watching the band perform.

It was amazing to see so many home videos and photos of the guys when they were kids, teenagers, at the start of their career, travelling the world etc. I especially loved the closing titles where they mixed old photos with footage of the band, sitting in a the middle of the Ford Centre, OK in 2009, playing a stunning acoustic version of Talihina Sky. This version of the song was a personal highlight of the film and I would love for it to be released.

I can't imagine another band of Kings of Leon's status releasing such an honest "warts and all" documentary. It gives you a fascinating insight into their world growing up within a strict religious family and just how far removed, at times, they live their lives now.


Overall, the film holds nothing back and leaves you wanting more, 87 minutes really is not long enough! It’s a must see for every fan and non-fan alike.

The film starts with the band sound checking in 2008 with an instrumental of Radioactive and ends, with the now familiar, recorded version of the song. This makes a perfect full-circle song to use, as the film is really all about where they came from. I would personally like everyone to see this film who have every said that the band's back-story was fabricated to make them seem more interesting, or those that have said the band have "sold out". Maybe then, they will realise just exactly where they came from and why they deserve their place as one of, if not the best, Rock Band of their generation.


US Channel Showtime will be showing Talihina Sky starting on August 21st.

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NOTE:  At time of writing, there is no date set of the DVD Release, or when it will be shown in other countries.